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Our Astrologer.

Dr. Archaya P. Sanjay M. Sc. LLB., a lawyer and journalist has great admiration for astrology, astronomy, numerology, Lal kitab and Mantras. He has a scientific back ground and he did a lot of research on these subjects. Providing Astro-Palm consultation to people's problems has become the sole aim and object of his life.
His predictions are based on several dasas such as Vimshottari, Dwisaptatisama, Dwadashottari and Chaturshitisama Dasa etc, Jamini Char Dasa, Kota Chakra. Yogini and Navanmsha dasa are additional methods to predict. This is rare way to predict in India.

His numerous predictions published in the national and regional dailies have received great appreciations. Thousands of foreigners are taking appropriate advice from him. Vrindaban and Delhi are the working place in India. As in Vrindaban Radha Mohan Munger 'temple is one Astrological centre in India. This is true that 'Astrological guidance changes your destiny. Jyotisha is based on the laws of nature which bind the cosmos together. These laws express the unity within the diversity of life and the underlying intelligence which governs with great precision.

Come! Lets understand Astrology.

Astrology makes a horoscope, which is a game of a planets, 12 sun signs, 12 Houses and 27 natshakras. It is a king of science & mathematics. It is Thousands of years old or will say that it is a precious blessing given to us by VEDAS. This blessing helps us in knowing our past, present, future and also about some hidden secrets.

In today’s world though people are much aware about astrology but still these are few who don’t believe in it and consider it is a waste. Also they have belief that for us it is a business, which is not True. Those astrologers who actually don’t have much knowledge and who take it as a business and don’t think in favour of people are not true astrologer. And I personally hate such ones.

sarvmangal Astrology is something which tells you about your health, business, kids and all. Along with this it even tells that whether you will have a child or not and if yes then how and etc.

How planets are changing their position what happen when. Planets are out of their position, will it harm you or not it is enhancing your life style or not and if not, then how it will help you?

By giving a look on all this, we tell you that which God you should pray, what remedy you should do, which stone you should wear. My friends, by worshiping God and doing some remedy will change your whole life.

Now to make your understand, I will tell you something. In summers, we wear cotton clothes, cloth which is light and soft. In winters we go for Jackets, warmers, woolen clothes. Where as in rainy season we take out our umbrellas so, what are all these?

These are remedies only which we do for our protection. The way we protect our self from different things. In the same way in astrology we do certain remedies for our protection. God has given us some powers and energies which help us in reducing our and your stress in life. This is confirm that the thing which is written in destiny will happen anyhow, but we can get rid of few obstacles or hurdles.

But there is a fact that you cannot deny “death” when you take birth, you bring your destiny along with you. Every body’s destiny is written, but it is considerable that you cannot leave your life on destiny and not do any “KARMA” No!!

There are people who have everything with them good life, money, peace, nice lifestyle, love every thing which you can think. But still they do good deeds, worship God and do donation.

Worship of God or doing meditation will surely help you in reviving your internal soul. It will give you strength and stamina to survive in a difficult situations.

So, Now you yourself give it a thought that what you should do.

Not only in India but the ones who are sitting in outside India can also do the same also if anyone who wants to go for prayers and want to get it alone by sitting there itself.

As its your mind, your internal soul which should be present. Physical absence won’t make any difference. It is because there are many who physically be present in any POOJA but mentally they were not be present which is of no use.

So, your mental presence is required and not physical.
We have honest and pious priest who can do all the prayers according to our vedas.